ear - easy settings profiles

ear makes "environment-aware mobile phones" possible!

We are happy to be able to announce ear Version 0.6beta - now available on SlideMe & Android Marketplace!
Thank you for more than 33.100 downloads in the Android Marketplace!

Further we will release "ear Pro" Version 1.0 soon - stay tuned! Watch our preview trailer and give us feedback!

The Android(TM) mobile phone application ear allows users to create environment-aware settings profiles.

Version 0.6beta - now available for free in Android™ Marketplace and on SlideME - enables users to:

  • create settings profiles (ringtones, wifi, bluetooth, airplane modus, etc.)
  • view the active profile in the taskbar
  • easily change profiles
  • new icons
  • support for latest Android firmware

Version ear Pro 1.0 - available soon in the Android™ Marketplace - include furthermore:

  • scheduled activation of profiles
  • location based service for your profiles
  • intelligent mapping of positions and areas
  • supported languages: EN, DE, CN, FR
Future versions of ear Pro will include location-awareness both outdoor and indoor. Knowing a user's geographic location, ear Pro automatically switches the ringtone profile. Other information, such as time and caller, can also be used to define profile activation rules. E.g. ear Pro automatically turns the mobile phone to silent mode as soon as the user walks into a pre-defined "silent area", such as a library building or conference room.

Looking forward for your feedback using ear!

Currently supported languages (version 0.6beta): EN, DE
Future supported languages (ear Pro version 1.1): IT, SP, JP

For first steps to use ear application please take a look at our FAQ.


Why is my profile not saved? For saving your profile you have to scroll down the menu and select "apply changes". 
Why is my phone locked after returning from airplane mode? This is a native security setting from your phone. For disabling the airplane mode you have to login with your phone PIN. 
How to switch between profiles? There are 2 ways to switch between profiles. 1.) Click on the "ear" desktop icon in order to start the application. Then click on the profile that you want to activate. 2.) Touch on the profile icon in the taskbar and drag down the notification window (If you cannot see the taskbar icon, you may have turned it off when creating or editing the profile). Then click on the icon in the notification window to open the list of available profiles. Click on a profile to activate it. 
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